Lynn at her drafting table imagining the Alottabotz

Lynn Johnston

Lynn Johnston is the creator of the widely syndicated comic strip For Better or For Worse®. In 2008, Lynn retired from the comic strip. In her retirement, Lynn has continued to draw and paint funny scenes and funny characters—according to Lynn, the world needs more “funny!” Encouraged by those around her, Lynn has started a whole new project: Welcome to the robot world of Alottabotz!

A large group of robots - the Alottabotz!

About Alottabotz

Everyone loves robots, especially Lynn! Just for the heck of it, Lynn has written and illustrated a new series of children's books. The stories revolve around Timothy Bot—a robot boy who has just moved to a new town. Charming characters, sweet gestures, funny faces, interesting inventions, vibrant colours and spaceships galore! This timeless series is sure to delight your favourite youngster and those who are young-at-heart!

Look for the first three books of Lynn’s Alottabotz series in your local bookstores or in our shop.

The Botshop
Marvelous Things
A Dog With No Name

Meet The Characters

Young Timothy bot

Timothy Bot

Timothy Bot is nine years old. He is the only “child” in his robot family. Tim and his family are now living with Tim’s grandbot and they are all adjusting to the move. Tim’s grandbot has been instrumental in helping him make new friends and have some fun adventures in the process.

Grandpa Bot is the inventor

Grandpa Bot

Grandpa Bot is Timothy’s maternal grandfather. He is a mechanical genius; an inventor who loves to make things in his backyard workshop. This inspiring space, called “The Botshop,” is filled to the brim with tools and supplies making Grandpabot the go-to bot for ideas and repairs!

Rusty the robot dog

Dog Bot

Dog Bot, Timbot’s pet, is a mechanical dog designed and built by Grandpabot in his Botshop. Dog Bot has suction cup feet so he can climb walls. He can fly and he can swim, too! It took Tim quite some time to come up with the perfect name for his favourite companion.

Timothy's mom bot

Mom Bot

Timbot’s mom is a high school teacher and Grandpabot’s daughter. She loves to write, to paint and to entertain. She believes that a good education is the key to everything! She is enjoying living closer to her father—her family means the world to her.

Dad Bot is a pilot.

Dad Bot

Timbot's dad is the captain of a large intergalactic spacecraft. He is an excellent pilot, but his work requires that he be away from home for weeks at a time. He spends as much time with his family as he can—enjoying music, games, and exploring the outdoors.